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Leif Sohlman Art Collections

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Artwork by Leif Sohlman

Each image may be purchased as a canvas print, framed print, metal print, and more! Every purchase comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

About Leif Sohlman

Leif Sohlman Leif was born in Enk�ping, Sweden. moved to Stockholm in an age of 4 years where I went in school and had his work. Lived fore some decades in the archipelago of Stockholm. Went back to Enk�ping after retirement.He like nature photographing Have also photographed some old buildings. Leif have experimented with some abstract and creative developments in processing. Started digital photographing in 2011 after retirement.

Leif Sohlman is a citizen of city Enk�ping Sweden where he finds most of his motives. He started photographing as a young boy, but had no time for it until retirement Then with a digital camera he found new ways to develop his skills and expressions in fotografic art. Leif Sohlman was born in city Enk�ping, but moved to City Stockholm where he lived until retirement. Leif Sohlman is rewarded in Bauhaus Prairie Art Gallery and Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery. Leif is mainly a nature photographer taking his motives from the surroundings of city Enköping, Sweden. Nature is an inspiration and source to his work. A good desription of him is made by Laura Greco i her blog where you can read Art often reflects not only what we see but what we are, not only by the elements that we show but how we do it. Through our camera we can get the same scene transmit different sensations depending on how we capture the image. Besides, we have post production tools which help us to get what we really want. But it isn't so easy as we think. Some say that if they had a good camera and photopshop they could get anything they want, but that's wrong..., we can't get it if we have no talent. You can spend endless hours in front of your computer without achieving what you want as it's not just a matter of working with technology but, as usual in art, to know how to do it and what we exactly want to get. Leif Sohlman's artworks is an example of this, he is a photographer mainly working with nature photography such as birds, animals and landscapes. He has a personal style, not only because he's mostly focused on nature but on the way he captures it. Sometimes it's difficult to know if his works are photographs or paintings since he adds his personal touch which brings us to an emotion that goes beyond the image itself. It's like a cool and gentle breeze in a special universe of nature where a peaceful environment takes us to pleasant sensations, even when it's sometimes broken by some details as a dramatic sky it simply reinforces the peaceful scene below. His special mood on pictures makes us distinguish his ones among others. Leif is a perfect combination between great eye and great hand, he subsumes the right place and the perfect smooth that increases reality making it become magic. _ We can not live without nature and it's beauty. It is always around us in plants and animals. If we loos the nature we will not survive. Leif hopes his images and digital art will help us to see the beauty we often just pass without notice.